Data management is a key differentiating factor that represents the quality service we provide to our clients. We are equipped with the best reporting tool, and our added value is focussed on analysing data, providing qualitative comments, drawing conclusions and putting forward suggestions for improvement.


Thanks to our longstanding experience in online reporting, we have developed our own tool, designed specifically for field marketing activity (multi-user online access, forms fully adapted to each project and POS, advanced photo management, highly flexible for last-minute loading and customisation, etc.)

We combine our reporting tool with a Business Intelligence package that allows us to offer dashboards with live data that is fully updated and navigable. This tool also allows to send pre-established lists when an alert is activated.

Both tools are key to help our clients make the best decision at the most opportune right time. Besides these tools, our clients benefit from high-standard tailor-made qualitative reports produced by the executive department with suggestions for improvement, recommendations, etc.