Installation of POS displays and advertising material

What do you need?

Placement, installation and maintenance of POS advertising material:

Interior and exterior window display vinyls

Signage stickers

Take-away Leaflets on information stands

Totems and floor stands

Countertop displays

Shelf stoppers and talkers

Gondola-end displays

Assembly and dismantling of displays and other advertising supports

Multi-piece in-store display furniture

Shelf complements in FMCG stores (category management)

Product display on islands or new structures in central aisles

Testers or real products display for merchandising purposes

Visual merchandising / window dressing

Assembly of stands and product placement in window displays

Dummy products


Product placement according to guidelines

Mannequins and other window display items

As we do


Agility in campaign launch

Maximum reliability to meet deadlines and quality, thanks to our team comprised of a large number of professionals, present throughout the country.

Huge deployment of resources to ensure rollout within a tight deadline

Strict accomplishment of the guidelines regarding placement of POS material

Online follow-up of the projects, status and results achieved with photographs of the point-of-sale installation, once implemented.

On-site supervision of a representative sample of the installations on each campaign

Quality control and Satisfaction level of the points of sale after our visit


Number of team members, varying between one and five, according to the materials to be transported, the available time in store and the overall project timescale

Right Skills and best profile of field staff according to the campaign and brand image (gender, manual skills, interpersonal skills and presence)

Centralised or local training according to the customer’s available budget and time

Thorough selection & recruitment processes delivered by our dedicated HHRR department.

Minimum team rotation


We receive all the materials in our central warehouse from where we ship the necessary materials to final destination, having done the proper picking process, to any point of Spain, both mainland and the islands

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