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Specialist Tactical Store Promoters

We offer our specialist tactical store promoters (pharmaceuticals, perfumeries, technology, DIY, El Corte Inglés, etc.) to promote products and drive sales, approaching end customers.

End-customer communication

Point-of-sale promotional events to guide end customers in selecting products according to their needs

Product demonstration to potential customers (sample and test products)

Preferential product visibility and placement of POS material to enhance visibility

Reinforcement of store training

Promotional events and store staff training in product expertise and sales techniques (cross selling and sales arguments with customers) to facilitate subsequent sales

Live demonstrations of successful sales models for the store’s subsequent replication

Suggested order placement for out-of-stocks

As we do


Quality control (mystery shopper, for instance) and analysis of quality metrics

Thorough training (product expertise, sales techniques and product visibility)

Good image

Active sales approach

Advanced oral communication skills


Thorough training (product expertise, sales techniques and product visibility)

Design of aggressive remuneration system (mostly focused on immediate results)

Constant tracking of sales and activity (online information and summary reports) and immediate decision-making

Coordination with other agents to boost final sales (KAM, marketing and distribution)

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